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What is Spintone 180 and 360?
Spintone tiles are available in 180 directional and 360 non-directional fissured surface patterns with background needle perforations. Spintone tiles are manufactured from bio-degradable mineral wool, inorganic fillers and binders.

What size are Spint one 180 and 360 available in?
Spintone 180 and 360 tiles are available in 600 x 600mm and 1200 x 600mm module sizes for Square edge. They are suitable for exposed ceiling grid systems and are most commonly used with Treetex TX24 Suspension Grid System. Because of the close manufacturing tolerances on all Treetex tiles, Spintone Square edge may be used on both 24mm and 15mm wide grid.

What are the typical applications for Spintone 180 and 360?
Spintone tiles meet the needs of projects where only the basic technical performance characteristics of fire, sound and humidity resistance are required. They have been designed for general purpose applications including shops, offices, store rooms and general utility rooms where fit-out and installation budgets are of particular importance.