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Steelstrong Suspension Systems

The CEP Steelstrong range has a patented click connection system which ensures an audible and secure locking together. The unique nature of the clip, prodpage-susp-right-graphichowever, also allows for simple demounting of the grid.

The main runners are double stitched for rigidity and the cross tess can have either a joggled or square cut end. The range includes:

CEP Steelstrong T24: This is a 24mm exposed grid system suitable for installing tiles with grid panel, standard tegular and shiplap T24 edges. We offer both CEP white and a black finished version of this system as standard.

CEP Steelstrong T15: This is a 15mm exposed grid system suitable for installing tiles with grid panel and fine tegular edges. It is available in CEP white as standard.

CEP Steelstrong ECR: This is a 24mm exposed grid system with enhanced corrosion resistance (ECR). The galvanised tee section has an additional coating to further enhance the resistance levels. Standard colour is CEP white.

We also do a number of perimeter detail options to ensure designers have almost unlimited options, in both high quality aluminium and steel. We are currently updating the technical literature on all our suspension systems and perimeter trims so please contact our sales office for more information in the interim.


 Steelstrong Suspension Gallery Examples