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SAS International is a world leader in the design and manufacturer of metal ceilings. Over four decades theyve expanded to include energy efficient cooling and heating room comfort solutions, along with internal architectural metalwork finishes such as bulkheads, column casings and spandrel panels.

To meet your design and performance requirements a different number of ceiling systems are available. Ceilings tiles can be suspended in a number of ways with visible and concealed grid options.

    clipin     hookon layin   

clipin rafts

Clip-in tiles, use a concealed suspension grid.
Hook-on tiles, use a concealed suspension grid.
Lay-in tiles, have an exposed suspension grid.
Acoustic rafts or modules
, are suspended directly from the soffit, enabling natural thermal mass cooling.

*Lay-in tiles can be tiles and grid manufactured in modular sizes, for example 600 x 600mm, or
larger profile suspension systems where tiles are manufactured to meet building module size
up to 1500 x 1500mm mega panels.