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SAS Tartan Grid Ceiling Systems

sas-tartanTartan grid systems offer the same design flexibility as linear grid systems, manufactured to the building planning grid.

Our traditional tartan grid system, SAS System 330, utilised trim strips (C-Profiles) and crossing boxes suspended from threaded rods and hanger brackets.

Tartan grid systems are now constructed using SAS System 330 with either C or Omega profiles and cross noggins. The profiles can be manufactured with ‘V' grooves to mimic the traditional square crossing box. Large square mega panels can be manufactured in widths up to 1500mm.

Profiles are available in standard widths of 50mm to 300mm, alternative sizes and tapering profiles are available to order.

Tartan grid ceilings accommodate large singular mega panels or multiple rectangular tiles. A range of hinge down access options are available for mega panels including touch latches, pivot pins, flying arms and safety wires.

Coolceil Radiant Chilled Ceilings can be incorporated efficiently into mega panels with flexible connection pipes joining multiple panels in series, see Cooceil Radiant Chilled Ceilings.

C-profiles offer a plain flush finish while Omega profiles offer a continuous M6 thread form for the easy location and relocation of partitioning heads.


SAS Tartan Grid Ceiling Systems Examples