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SAS Modular Hook-On Tiles

sas-hookonSAS System 200 is a range of square, rectangular, trapezoidal and triangular hook-on metal ceiling tiles. Designed to be supported from a concealed ‘J'‑bar suspension rail.

System Features

Concealed Grid System
Closed recessed joints with square edges, using a closed cell compressible gasket
Fully demountable without the used of special tools

Tiles can be lifted out of the ceiling system to gain access to the ceiling void.

Tile Sizes
A full range of tile size are available, please contact our technical department for further details.


SAS System 205 is a development of System 200 and is specifically for use in corridors.
In some areas it is not possible to use a standard hanging bracket due to the number of services in the ceiling void. System 205 is supported at the perimeters, up to a maximum width of 3000mm.

Total access to the ceiling void and services is provided; ceiling tiles can be pivoted down and hung in place to provide free access (subject to the corridor height and width).

Polyester Powder coated, supplied as standard with a smooth finish; a fine textured finish (SAS FT), anti-bacterial coating (SAS AB) is available, see Paint Finish for a full range of options.

SAS Modular Hook-On Tiles (Concealed Grid) Examples