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SAS Lay-in Ceiling Systems

sas-layinSAS International offers a range of modular lay‑in metal ceiling systems that can be aesthetically customised by utilising differing exposed grid and profile suspension options.

Alugrid-Q offers a flush finish to the exposed face of the tile. A smooth aluminium extrusion that features a continuous M6 linear recess, allows the easy location and flexible relocation of partitioning heads without causing damage to the ceiling plane.

Alugrid-P offers the same flush finish to the ceiling plane without the threaded M6 linear recess. This combination of tile and grid can offer a completely smooth monolithic look to the ceiling plane.

SAS Tee Grid offers a traditional ceiling grid finish, the butt cut exposed tee grid provides a strong modular and tegular effect ceiling.

The lay-in ceiling tiles are provided in a cassette form, perforated tiles are supplied with a decorative acoustic fleece and can be supplied additionally with an acoustic pad and or steel backing plate. The cassette tiles are factory sealed with a reinforced aluminium foil.

Metal modular lay-in tile systems are specified in a number of sectors and offer demountable tiles while retaining layout flexibility and durability.

SAS System 130 is a range of lay-in tiles supported from SAS Alugrid or SAS Tee Grid. Alugrid-Q features a continuous lineal recess with an M6 thread and negative quirk relief detail abutting the ceiling tiles, giving a completely flush ceiling. Alugrid-P is a plain version without the threaded recess and gives a completely flush ceiling. Tee Grid is a butt cut exposed grid that provides a tegular effect.

System Features
    Easy access to the ceiling void
    Minimum 25-year product life expectancy

System Features with SAS Alugrid
    Shadow line feature between grid and tile
    Precise mitred joints
    Continuous threaded feature recess
    Clean flush ceiling plane

System Features with SAS Tee Grid
    Strong modular appearance
    Butt cut junctions eliminating corner shadows

 Tiles can be lifted out of the ceiling system to gain access to the ceiling void.

 Standard Module Sizes (mm)
500x500        600x600        750x750

Special sizes are available on request. Please contact for our technical department further details.
600 x 600mm tiles can be supplied for use with SAS Tee Grid or tartan grid configurations.

SAS System 330, linear or tartan grid, is a lay-in tile system that provides functionality and outstanding performance with a range of cost effective design options. System 330 offers the facility to design the ceiling to any building grid size. Tiles are available in a range of shapes and sizes to meet individual project requirements. System 330 ‘Coolceil' incorporates a Radiant Chilled Ceiling element in the rear of the tile. Supported from either an Omega C-Profile with a M6 thread form or a plain C-Profile. Both profiles can be fitted with a gasket that provides a tight seal between profile and tile.
System features:

    Infinite range of modules for any building module
    Flexible layouts for relocation of partitions
    Optional Radiant Chilled Ceiling solution
    Optional hinge down mechanisms
    Minimum 25-year product life expectancy

Tile Sizes

System 330 panels can be made in mm increments to meet building module size; a range of rectangular and square tiles can be manufactured. Large square mega panels can be manufactured in sizes up to 1500 x 1500mm. For further details please contact our technical department.

SAS 130 and 330 Lay-in Examples

Polyester Powder coated, supplied as standard with a RAL 9010 smooth finish, a fine textured finish (SAS FT), antibacterial coating (SAS AB) is available. See Paint Finish for a full range of options.