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SAS Clip-in Tiles

sas-clipinA choice of two different clip-in tile systems, one downward demountable and the other with a hinge and slide access are available from SAS International.

Clip-in tiles have a concealed suspension grid using an Emac primary grid system and either a Spring Tee (System 120) or Omega Bar (System 150).

Clip-in systems should be considered for use in areas of security and cleanliness. They are generally double coated for commercial kitchens, laboratories or humid environments.

Retail environments benefit with suspension spans of up to 2000mm* which minimises installation time.

A plain tile used in a clip in system can create a tight butt joint, providing a washable ceiling plane which is ideal for areas where hygiene and cleanliness are essential. A range of square or rectangular tile modules with bevelled edges and vertical sides are available.

Luminaires can be integrated into the system, dependent on weight, or supported directly from the grid system.

System 150 tiles can be pivoted and slid within the suspension system to provide access to large areas of the ceiling void for maintenance, up to 1500mm wide along the length of the ceiling system. Tiles are retained within the suspension grid to avoid any potential damage caused by removing tiles from the grid system and temporary storage on the floor

*Lightweight installations only, see installation advice.

System 120
Modular Clip-In Tiles (Concealed Grid)

System Features

    Closed butt joints with bevelled edges
    Concealed grid system
    Total downwards demountable
    Upward cleaning pressure can be applied to remove stubborn marks without disturbing tile
    Minimum 25-year product life expectancy

Access within overall construction depth. Secure void, easy access tool required to demount tile.

Standard Module Sizes (mm)

300x300        500x500       
300x600        600x600
300x900        600x1200
300x1200      610x610
300x1500      750x750

System 120 Examples

System 150
Modular Hinge-Down Clip-In Tiles (Concealed Grid)

Access within overall construction depth. Secure void, easy access tool required to demount tile

Standard Module Sizes (mm)

300x300        500x500        750x750
300x600        500x1500
300x900        600x600
300x1200       600x1200
300x1500       610x610

Special sizes are available on request. Please contact for our technical department further details.

System 150 Examples

Polyester Powder coated, supplied as standard with a RAL 9010 smooth finish; a fine textured finish (SAS FT) anti-bacterial coating (SAS AB) and other colours are available. See paint finish for a full range of options.