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Office Ceilings, Ceiling Tiles, Acoustic Ceilings, Suspended Ceilings

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Rockfon - Scholar


    Provides good impact resistance and complies with BB93 Acoustics for Schools to create appropriate reverberation times for learning environments
    Durable edges which remain intact even when removed and reinstalled regularly
    Available in long planks and large square modules for creating inspirational suspended ceiling designs


    Stone wool tile with concealed mesh
    Visible side: micro-textured white reinforced fleece
    Rear side: back fleece
    Durable and enhanced, painted edges

Edges     A24
Length min. – max. mm
Width min. – max. mm     
600 - 2400
Colour     White
Texture     Micro-textured
Light reflection     86%
aw     0.90 - 0.95
NRC     0.85 - 0.90
Reaction to fire     A1



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