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Rockfon - Samson


Highly impact-resistant white woven surface, ideal for high activity level areas such as schools and sports facilities
Excellent sound absorption for noisy and reverberant areas
Meets the requirements of maximum impact resistance (Class 1A) when installed in RockLink Olympia Plus and Class 2A when installed in RockLink 24 grid. Rockfon System Samson meets the requirements of DIN18032 Part 3


    Stone wool tile (40mm)
    Visible side: durable woven surface
    Rear side: back fleece
    Painted edges

Edges     AEX, A24
Length min. – max. mm
Width min. – max. mm     
600 - 2400
600 - 1200
Colour     White
Texture     Woven
Light reflection     72%
aw     0.85 - 1.00
NRC     0.90 - 1.05
Reaction to fire     A1



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