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Office Ceilings, Ceiling Tiles, Acoustic Ceilings, Suspended Ceilings

Hertfordshire - 01279 912447
London - 0203 642 4575
Essex - 01245 905737
Rockfon - Artic


Affordable range of 15mm thick, smooth white tiles in semi-concealed and visible grid options
Good functionality for a variety of areas
Ideally suited for areas requiring minimum Class C sound absorption


    Stone wool tile
    Visible side: smooth white painted fleece
    Rear side: back fleece
    Painted edges

Edges     A15, A24, E15, E24
Length min. – max. mm
Width min. – max. mm     
600 - 1200
Colour     White
Texture     Smooth
Light reflection     85%
aw     0.80
NRC     0.75
Reaction to fire     A1



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