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OWAtecta® metal ceilings

OWAtecta® are ceiling tiles with galvanised steel sheet on both sides.
The range, with fine gradations in the design, offers a varity of design options. Tiles with various hole patterns are available to optimise acoustics. This ceiling system is ideal for all installation situations – not just for new buildings, it is also perfect for renovation projects.

OWAtecta® metal tiles are available in a range of perforations: from coarse to fine perforations. There is a tile to match your acoustic requirements and your proposed designs.

Technical data
Material    Galvanised steel sheet
Building material class    A1; A2-s1,d0; A2-s2,d0 in accordance with DIN EN 13501-1
Thickness    From 0.5 to 1.0 mm (depending on the perforation)
Colour    White, powder-coated
Light reflection    From 60 to 90 (ISO 7724-2, ISO 7724-3)
Linear sound insulation*    From 12 dB to 44 dB
Sound absorption    

From aW = 0.50 / NRC = 0.50
to aW = 0.95 / NRC = 0.95 (with perforation)
Fire resistance*    To F 90 (DIN 4102)

 * depending on system, structural slab and other additional measurespdf

The other type of ceiling design, the OWAtecta® line of metal ceiling tiles, is a designer's favourite due to

System S 22
Clip-in tiles – concealed, hingeable
Also ideal as an over/underpressure ceiling - suitable for clean rooms

System S 31/S 32
Clip-in tiles / S 31 concealed, removable, S 32 concealed, hingeable
Suitable as an over/underpressure ceiling

System S 36 L
Stock rectangular / concealed, removable
Corridor Constructions

System S 33/S 45pdf
Lay-in tile / S 33 exposed, removable – 24 mm, S 45 exposed, removable – 15 mm

System S 39
Suspended rectangular panel with Z profile

System S 48
Bandraster (C door frames)

Wall System S 60
Magnetic pin-board wall absorber
Whether planned or retrospective: OWAtecta® magnetic pin-board wall absorbers improve acoustics in roomsand and enhance speech comprehension.
OWAtecta System S60 Magnet-Pinnwandabsorber Zeichnung

1 Bottom wall angle
2 Side wall angle
3 Top wall angle
4 Sealing tape
5 OWAtecta® magnetic pin-board wall absorber

For special tasks

Positive/negative pressure ceilings
Determination of pressure tightness of suspended ceilings following DIN EN 1026 and DIN EN 12207
Clean room ceilings do not just qualify through their emission behaviour. What is also decisive is how they separate areas with lower and higher purity classes and react to different air flows occurring in the clean rooms. The separation is achieved by two different concepts: the displacement- and pressure difference concepts. In both cases the suspended ceiling system must be able to contain the different pressures of the clean room, i.e. the suspended ceiling should have as few leaks as possible. To this end, the joints between the ceiling tiles are carefully sealed, as is the connection between edge trims and ceiling tile and between edge trims and wall.
To classify the OWAtecta® S 22 and S 31 ceiling systems, the Fraunhofer IPA in Stuttgart carried out pressure tests based on DIN EN 1026 and DIN EN 12207. Both ceiling systems were mounted in a test box specially designed for this purpose and sealed airtight. In addition, the standard OWA Opal integrated lighting was installed in a grid of the ceiling system and likewise sealed airtight. The systems were then exposed to positive pressure of up to +80 Pa and negative pressure of up to -50 Pa and leak rate of the test specimen determined.pdf
>> The result: the OWAtecta® S 22 and S 31 systems demonstrated their qualification for air permeability "Class 4". Aside from the air tightness tested, the S 31 ceiling system also met the requirements for air purity in clean rooms (see “Ceilings for clean rooms”) and is ideally suited for use in a range of clean rooms and clean room areas.

Hygiene-sensitive areas
Unproblematic sterilisability according to the DGHM method
It must be possible to carry out easy disinfection of medical and hygiene-sensitive areas at any time. Unperforated metal ceiling tiles from OWA are ideally suited to this requirement, since they permit problem free surface disinfection. OWAtecta® (L0) is ideal for use in hospitals (OP areas, intensive care wards and patient rooms) and other sterile and hygienic areas. The Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hospital Hygience of the Philipps-University Marburg carried out extensive tests in this regard – practical, analogously and in accordance with the requirements of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM).
Eight test bacteria were used in the stress test for the disinfection procedure:
- Staphylococcus aureus Pseudomonas aeruginosa
- Enterococcus faecium Proteus mirabilis
- Enterococcus hirae Candida albicans
- Escherichia coli Aspergillus niger
Representative active groups were tested for the surface disinfection in hospitals. This ensures that other disinfectants from the VAH list can also be used. The values measured produced a reduction of 6 log levels for all bacteria tested. The result exceeds the reduction demanded by the specialist associations of at least 5 log levels for disinfecting preparation.
System S 22, System S 36 L, System S 39, System S 33/S 45, System S 48
Further details available in pdf download

OWAtecta® cleanRoom
Ceiling systems for sensitive areas
Exposed ceiling system with T profile
Technical data
Panel dimensions    1200 x 2400 mm
Panel thickness    50 mm
Building material class    B-s2,d0 (DIN EN 13501-1)
Fire protection cover    On request
Panel fillings    Mineral woolpdf
Paper or aluminium honeycomb
Polystyrene foam
Panel surface    Steel sheet, white (similar to RAL 9002)
Other colours on request
Anti-static tile covering
Fields of application    
Industrial clean room production

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