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Office Ceilings, Ceiling Tiles, Acoustic Ceilings, Suspended Ceilings

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Knauf Danoline - TGrid - Belgravia


Recessed grid look with discreet shading

Classic and highly robust acoustic ceiling.
Directive to suspension system thanks to installation method and robustness of the tile.
Exceptionally easy to mount and demount.

Standard white painted surface NCS 0701 Y24R (RAL 9003).

Gloss 5.
Other colours available on request.

Dust is removed using a dry duster or vacuum cleaner. Marks can be removed with a damp cloth using normal cleaning practices and neutral cleaning solutions.

The product is designed to perform under normal conditions of use. Tested at 70% RH and 25°C. The product can withstand ambient temperatures of up to 50°C

Tile weight:
R: 8.9, G: 8.2, Q: 8.1, M: 8.2, T: 8.1, U3: 8.1, U8|15|20: 8.2
Transportation weight:
R: 9.7, G: 9.0, Q: 8.9, M: 9.0, T: 8.9, U3: 8.9, U8|15|20: 9.0
Installed weight:
R: 10.3, G: 9.7, Q: 9.6, M: 9.7, T: 9.6, U3: 9.6, U8|15|20: 9.7

Made of robust, glass fibre reinforced material with excellent pressure resistance.
Under normal conditions of use, the product properties are preserved and there is no decomposition of material over time.





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