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British Gymsum - Components - Jointing

Rigitone Large Jointing Kit

Kit contains jointing gun, gun cylinder, nozzle plate, plunger, stepped filling blade, screw-head template, priming brush and nozzle cleaning brush. Specially shaped nozzle will fit into 3mm gap. One jointing kit will service 400m2. A range of spare components are available on request.

Rigitone Spacing Tools

These tools allow easy installation of Rigitone boards, leaving the correct spacing between the boards for jointing and ensuring the board patterns are aligned. One Rigitone Spacing Tool is required per fixing gang.

Rigitone Vario 60 jointing material

Specifically formulated for use with the Rigitone system to achieve effective board joints without the need for reinforcement from paper tape. One 5kg bag of Rigitone Vario 60 Jointing Material will be sufficient to joint 20m2 of Rigitone board. Rigitone Vario 60 Jointing Material is supplied in a pack of 4 x 5kg bags and is shrink wrapped.

Rigitone Screws

A black phosphate treated quick-fit screw, specifically designed to provide optimum performance with Rigitone boards.

Rigitone installation quantity matrix

When ordering Rigitone boards the following installation items are also required: Rigitone Spacing Tools, Rigitone Vario 60 Jointing Material and Rigitone Jointing Kit. Please refer to the table below to work out the recommended quantities of each based on the area of ceiling being installed.

Additional jointing kits and spacing tools will be needed if Rigitone is being installed on more than one site simultaneously or by more than one fixing gang.


Rigitone Large Jointing Kit

Order CodeDimensionsQuantity
27623/1 Weight: 2kg per kit 1 tube per kit

Rigitione Spacing Tools

Product NameOrder CodeQuantity
10/23 10149/6 2
12/25 and 12/25 Q 24759/0 2
12-20/66 10151/9 2
15/30 10148/9 2
8/18 and 8/18Q 10154/0 2
8-15-20 and 8-15-20 SUPER 10147/2 2

Rigitone Vario 60 Jointing Material

Order CodeNominal bag weight (kg)Approx coverage (m²)
27504/3 5 20m² of Rigitone

Rigitone Screws

Order CodeSize (mm)Quantity
27567/8 3.5 x 30 500