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Manufactured from a lightweight soft fibre board, the Sequence acoustic range offers outstanding levels of sound absorption and excellent resistance to high humidity, with a crisp clean white appearance. The resilient nature of the product makes it especially suitable for use in leisure and circulation areas, where impact resistance can be an issue.

Key features of Sequence acoustic range:

Microporous plain white finish

Acoustic ceiling tiles with very high sound absorption - Class A

95% relative humidity

Lightweight, easily demountable

A2 fire classification








Sequence DB Tiles

Manufactured from a combination of soft fibre and reinforced gypsum plasterboard, Sequence dB offers both outstanding acoustic absorption and attenuation performance levels. It also has a crisp, clean white appearance and high humidity resistance. The robust and resilient nature of the product makes it particularly suitable for a wide variety of applications where acoustic performance and durability are key issues.

Key features of Sequence dB acoustic ceiling tiles:

Class A acoustic ceiling tiles - very high sound absorption

Excellent acoustic ceiling tiles - attenuation 42dB

Microporous plain white finish

95% relative humidity

Tough, robust tile core

Easily demountable






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