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Great acoustic qualities. Impressive aesthetics.

Free hanging, these smooth, brightly finished baffles can be grouped together to form the most impressive backdrops. With Class A acoustic absorption you can rely on the most exacting acoustic performance. Sequence also meets  the most stringent fire and performance standards.

The CEP Sequence range of acoustic baffles can be installed vertically or horizontally, in continuous runs or independently, at the same or varying heights, all designed to give the ultimate freedom for the designer. The combination of these baffles and the runs of CEP Sequence ceiling tiles around the perimeter of the room gives the teaching spaces excellent acoustic performance with stunning visual effects,
all within budget.

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Sequence Acoustic Rafts

Free hanging horizontal individual rafts with smooth bright finish and Class A acoustic absorption. Available in almost any RAL colour.

With an almost infinite range of RAL colours available, Sequence Acoustic Panels from CEP Ceilings offer the creative professional the opportunity to create exciting colour schemes to suite any palette. The following pages are designed as a small taster of the possibilities…the only limit is your imagination.
Combined with superb Class A sound absorption performance and the highest quality manufacturing standards, Sequence Acoustic Panels are available in a range of sizes, colours and shapes, further enhancing your creative possibilities.
Whether your project is a new construction or refurbishment, you will find Sequence Acoustic Panels easily adaptable and simply installed.

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Sequence Wall Panels

CEP Sequence wall panels have been specifically designed to be used into a multitude of different buildings and layouts. They can be finished in white as standard or in almost any RAL colour you can think of.
Add to this the recently designed Sequence SPORT range of enhanced impact resistance (EIR) wall panels and
almost every building type is catered for. The Sport panels come in a range of standard colours and use a reinforced, tough cloth to improve the impact resistance, yet maintaining acoustic performance.
CEP can provide full design assistance and advice and the fact that we provide all the framing systems means complete peace of mind for all.

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