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Metroboard is a new generation of ceiling tile. One which offers complete design freedom. Where previously technical performance over aesthetics was often the compromising choice, architects and specifi ers now have a solution that ticks both boxes. Our range of contemporary tiles can be used to create striking patterns, or combined for dramatic impact. Whilst exposed, semi concealed or fully concealed grid systems provide complete fl exibility, without restricting your design.

With a specially formulated, bright, smooth vinyl face, laminated to a tough plasterboard base, Metro has been designed for use in food related, and other situations where a high level of hygiene is paramount.

The strong vinyl face is designed for easy, regular cleaning and a foil backing reduces the impact of roof and pipe leaks.

Key features of Metro hygienic ceiling tiles:

    Hygienic ceiling tile
    Easy to clean ceiling tile
    Smooth plain vinyl finish
    Robust plasterboard core
    Excellent light reflectance
    Foil backing as standard
    Packed in cartons as standard

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Metro Range Gallery Examples


 Metroboard Circle

For a contemporary look with real design appeal, choose Metroboard Circle. Light, easy to handle, yet highly durable, this modern acoustic tile is created from specially developed reinforced plasterboard and has precision cut edges - offering a crisp, clean finish, as well as a wide range of visual options.

The beauty of Metroboard Circle isn’t simply skin deep. Its contemporary circular perforation doesn’t just look great, it offers excellent acoustic qualities too.


Metroboard Edge

Metroboard Edge provides the finishing touch to any contemporary design which incorporates Metroboard’s Line, Circle or Square patterns.

Metroboard Edge is a bright, white, painted gypsum plasterboard tile which can be used around the perimeter to finish of your design perfectly, and removes the need for cutting through perforations on site. Metroboard Edge can also be used in conjunction with all perforated tiles, to form stunning design patterns and features.

Made from the same robust, dense gypsum core as the Square, Circle and Line products, with the same edge profiles and dimensions, Metroboard Edge enables seamless transitions to be created, whilst retaining durability. 


Metroboard Line

With its distinctive slotted linear perforation pattern Metroboard Line is visually stunning, and offers acoustic excellence with Class C acoustic absorption. This makes Metroboard Line ideally suited to communal residential areas, teaching spaces and the modern office.

As with all tiles within the range, Metroboard Line provides the perfect balance of performance and design style. With a gypsum plasterboard core it’s really light to work with, and has acoustic fleece backing which offers excellent sound absorption.

Realise your design’s potential, with a ceiling product that combines aesthetic appeal and enhanced acoustic performance. Distinctively designed, highly durable, easily accessible, and available with three different edge details, Metroboard Line offers you design freedom.


Metroboard Square

High impact design, with high impact acoustic performance. Metroboard Square brings fresh modern appeal to any design, and any space. Restaurants, offi ces, shops, sports & leisure centres, education environments, healthcare projects, or contemporary residential buildings, whatever your sector, Metroboard offers an eye-catching acoustic solution.

Meeting every performance criteria, this innovative tile blends both the environmental and durability benefi ts of gypsum plasterboard. Factory applied acoustic fl eece enhances sound absorption, whilst precisely manufactured continuous perforations maximise style.

With its robust plasterboard core, contemporary square perforated design and bright white fi nish, Metroboard Square is ideal for environments which demand high performance. Outstanding sound absorption, good fi re performance and complete accessibility are inherent benefits of the Metroboard range.