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Whether it’s a restaurant, office, hospital or washroom - when you need to depend on exceptional levels of hygiene, Cleancare hygienic ceiling tiles can be relied upon to deliver both performance and aesthetic appeal. With a specially formulated, attractive vinyl face, laminated to a tough plasterboard base, Cleancare is designed for situations where hygiene is paramount.

Specifically created for regular cleaning and maintenance, Cleancare hygienic ceiling tiles feature a strong vinyl face, and retain a class 0 fire classification.

Key features of Cleancare acoustic ceiling tiles:

    Easily cleaned
    Attractive finish
    Durable, robust plasterboard core
    Excellent light reflectance
    Foil backing as standard
    Packed in cartons as standard
    Fully demountable






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Cleancare Hygiene

When you need to depend upon the highest hygienic standards, Cleancare Hygiene ceiling tiles are the tile of choice.

With a smooth laminated vinyl face, these hygienic ceiling tiles are so easy to maintain. The strong vinyl face is designed for easy, regular cleaning. Whilst a strong plasterboard core offers a class 0 fire classification; each tile also has a foil backing.

Cleancare Hygiene is ideal for retail, hospital, toilets, washrooms and all areas which require a high level of cleanliness.

Key features of Cleancare Hygiene acoustic ceiling tiles:

    High light reflectance
    Easily cleaned
    Smooth contemporary finish
    Durable gypsum baseboard






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