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Powdercoat Paint

Coating Features & Benefits:

Powdercoat paint finish gives better overall coverage and consistency than wet paint.

PVF2 Coating Features & Benefits:

Smooth finish.

External use and provides continuous look for inside to outside applications.

Zintec steel core painted on both sides. Pre-coated.

Available for plain tiles only.

Various colours available (more than Plastisol).

Plastisol Coating Features & Benefits

Textured finish. Ideal for external canopies.

For use in high humidity areas.

12 colours available.

BiocoteĀ®Coating Features & Benefits

Polyester power finish containing silver particles sprayed onto steel or aluminium tiles.

Antimicrobial so ideal for food preparation areas, clean rooms, labs and hospitals.

Anti-microbial protection lasts a lifetime of the tile.

Any RAL colour available.

Foodsafe Coating Features & Benefits

Stelvetite Foodsafe has been specially developed as a foodsafe lining system for use in coldstores, food processing/preparation areas and clean rooms.

It is safe for continuous contact with food, resistant to staining, mould growth and surface extraction. It has good light reflecting properties and a smooth easy to clean surface.

Standard colour is white.

The standard reverse-side coating is a specially formulated two-coat protective system of corrosion resistant primer topped with a heat cured high performance polyester.

Not recommended for external use.

Stainless Steel

High aesthetic appearance available in mirror finish or brushed. (Brushed recommended as easier to maintain).

Not easy to perf as leaves marks but brushed better than mirrored for perforating.


Can be used externally, in high humidity areas and areas with potential corrosive damage.

Used in aggressive environments and where ceiling weight is a factor.

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