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BG-beamgrids-rightgraphicBeam Grid Systems

Linear Beam Grids

The Burgess Linear Beam Grid system provides a high specification solution for office environments. The beam sections are arranged in one direction to create a linear ceiling effect, and are used to support the ceiling panels, light fittings and partition tracks.

Beams can be produced in a variety of widths, and the tiles are generally supplied 300mm wide to lengths as required. Tiles can be produced with a square edge detail (with or without gasket) or with bevelled edges to long sides, and can be hinged from the beam if necessary.




    Office Area


    Offers linear layout.
    Particularly suited to large areas.
    Beams support panels, lights and services.
    Easy lift-up access to void.
    Panels can be hinged to beam.
    Special design requirement cans be met.
    Clean, Modular ceiling appearance.
    Class 1 and Class 0 Surface spread of flame.linear beam
    Durable, washable, smooth polyester coating.
    Sound absorption NRC of 0.95 achieved with standard insulation.
    Sound attenuation of 26 Dncw - 42 Dncw.

General description:
Polyester painted steel Lay-on tiles supported by Linear Beam grid.
A range of sizes is available up to 3 metres maximum length.

Edge detail:
Square edges to all sides.

Suspension system:pdf
Burgess Linear Beam Grid system comprising primary grid section ref: GT112 installed at 1500mm maximum centres and suspended from the soffit at 1500mm maximum centres by galvanised mild steel angle hangers ref: GT114. Hangers to be secured to primary grid using M6 or equivalent fixings. Beam grid to be secured to the primary grid using Beam Support Brackets.

Perimeter Trim:
Extruded aluminium perimeter channel trim, ref: ET181, colour Ral 9010 20% gloss.



Gallery Examples



Tartan Grid Systemtartan

The Burgess Tartan Grid System provides a fully flexible ceiling system to suit most ceiling grid modules. Tiles are supplied either plain or in a variety of perforation patterns, and are supported by plain trim strips, which run in both directions to form a tartan pattern. Tiles can be supplied with a reinforced central lighting aperture if required. The trim strips are secured to plain crossing boxes (standard size 100 x 100mm) at each corner of the tile, which are supported to the structural soffit by threaded suspension rod.


    Available in a range of modules for use with a 100x100 crossing box
    Exposed beams in two directions
    Infill beams supported from the crossing box provide support for lay-on ceiling panels
    Lay-on ceiling panels easily removed to access plenum


Tartan Grid and Modular Beam Gallery Examples


Modular Beam Gridmodular beam

The Burgess Modular Beam Grid system provides an engineered solution to some of the most complex ceiling requirements. The beam sections are used to support the ceiling panels, light fittings and partition head tracks.

The main beams are arranged with plain cross noggins to create a modular diagrid ceiling. Beams can be produced to a variety of widths, and many module sizes can be accommodated (1500 x 1500mm being standard). The modules can be infilled with either a single megapanel, or a number of smaller panels to create the desired ceiling effect.

Trapezoidal beams are available for radiused applications. Large megapanels can be provided with hinges, mechanical latches and restraining wires to facilitate ease of removal and safety in operation.


    Office Area


    Designed and manufactured to customers requirements
    Exposed beams in two directions to support ceiling panels
    Lumunaires and ventilation duct openings can be formed in panels
    Panels can be hinged for access to plenum
    Grids can be designed to match mullion intervals up to 1800mm centre

Acoustic Performance Details can be viewed on this PDF download Click Here