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Armstrong Canopy Shaped Ceilings

armstrong-canopy-optimaOptima Canopy is a mineral panel, pre-formed into a convex, concave, square, circle, hexagon, trapezoid or parallelogram shape. The different shapes enable you to accentuate an area and express your creativity.

Optima Canopy is a creative design solution and improves the overall comfort of an individuals working environment, offering excellent sound absorption and light reflectance. Optima Canopy provides a bespoke finish and is very quick and easy to install.


Install individually or in groups to create your own unique design
Enhance acoustics in open areas
Aesthetically define spaces
Ten standard flat panels in multiple sizes and shapes
Custom shapes and colours available
Adjustable to various heights and angles
Quick and easy to install from the soffit, through a ceiling, directly attached to plasterboard, on a standard suspension system or on a wall
Engineered and tested for use in seismic areas






1170 x 1170 x 30 Square
1170 x 1040 x 30 Convex
1170 x 1040 x 30 Concave
0 x 1170 x 30 Circle
1170 x 1010 x 30 Hexagon
1170 x 860 x 30 Trapezoid
1170 x 1020 x 30 Left Parallelogram
1170 x 1020 x 30 Right Parallelogram
1170 x 1780 x 30 Small Rectangle
1170 x 2390 x 30 Large Rectangle
1870 x 1181 x 30 Curved
1200 x 1200 x 40 Square
1800 x 900 x 40 Small Rectangle
2400 x 1200 x 40 Large Rectangle
0 x 800 x 40 Small Circle
0 x 1200 x 40 Circle

Optima Canopy Shapes

Optima Canopy Gallery Examples